Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) was established in January 2017, having professionals who provide guidance and support to students, parents, and educational institutions. It has more than 4 branches including a head branch in Brisbane offering a range of services, including academic advising, college admissions counseling, test preparation, and career counseling.

The team consists of experts with different backgrounds and areas of expertise such as admissions officers, educators, psychologists, and career counselors. Nexus International Education and Visa services aim to help students make informed decisions about their educational and career paths by providing personalized guidance, resources, and support.

The ultimate goal is to help students achieve their academic and career aspirations.


When aspiring to pursue education abroad, figuring out the necessary steps can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Additionally, seeking help from an educational consulting firm can also be stressful since it involves investing one’s time, money, and future in the agency. Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) operate under the belief that an educational consulting agency should act as a facilitator and prioritize the students’ welfare. They value integrity and aim to fulfill their promises, going above and beyond to make their clients feel like family. They are empathetic towards the students and respectful of their client’s decisions.


Having gone through the process of international education themselves and with over a decade of experience, Nexus’s stakeholders are well-versed in the procedures, ethical considerations, financial barriers, and legal constraints involved in international education. Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) aims to make the international education journey smoother for their clients, providing support from start to finish.

Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) is rapidly expanding and has several branches located in Nepal, Dang, Chitwan, and Australia. Their counselors are certified and receive regular training from top industry professionals. The company’s young and energetic staff members, who are knowledgeable and share the company’s values, are their greatest asset. This, along with guidance from industry leaders, sets Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) apart from other educational consultancies.


Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) have a team of experienced counselors and support staff who possess extensive knowledge about general queries and are equipped to handle complex cases. They offer personalized services that align with your eligibility and preferences. In addition, they can help you discover relevant scholarships and bursaries, thereby reducing the overall cost of studying abroad. Their firsthand knowledge of the industry gives them a competitive edge over other consulting firms. The team is under strict supervision and regulation, ensuring quality service delivery. Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) have successfully assisted numerous students throughout their international education journey, from start to finish. Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) also have certified migration lawyers within their organization who can assist with migration and provide guidance on future residency abroad.


Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS)’s counselors are certified by QEAC, and the company is a member of the Association of Australian Education Representatives in Nepal (AAERI Nepal).

Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) have partnerships with prestigious language partners such as the British Council, PTE, and IDP, allowing clients to book language tests through the company. Their language trainers are qualified by the respective language partners. Additionally, they partner with health insurance companies such as Bupa, nib, and Medibank.

Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) is a top-performing agent for renowned international universities, and the company has received multiple awards from these institutions as well as other notable organizations in Australia. From the moment clients arrive in the country, Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS) assists with banking, health insurance, accommodation, travel tickets, and other amenities.


When embarking on your journey towards international education, you may start by gathering the courage to seek assistance from a consultancy firm like ours. At Nexus International Education and Visa Services (NIEVS), we offer support in various stages of the process, including language test preparation through our qualified instructors and reading materials, assistance with documentation, profiling, financial declarations, and ticketing service after receiving your visa grant.

Our services are designed to be streamlined, making it easier for clients to understand the process and learn about the importance of each step. Our agents are available to assist you wherever and whenever needed, and we encourage our clients to be directly involved in every task to gain knowledge and skills essential to assessing their cases. With our client-centric approach, our clients are always in control of the proceedings, leaving no room for complaints.